Uomo in più, L' (2001)

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    Rating: 7.7/10
    Runtime: 100
    Language: Italian
    Country: Italy
    Color: Colour
    nO sUB

    Description: Brilliant debut movie from Sorrentino, who would go on to direct the acclaimed Le Conseguenze dell'amore, L'Amico di famiglia and Il Divo. A story of a parallel decadence of a soccer player and a pop singer during the 1980s. Sorrentino is able to draw the parallel lives of two men that got the same name (Antonio Pisapia) different lives and morals but tied here and there by something magic in the frames in their destiny. The two men will cross their roads in the time of a sad glimpse but sufficient to share their common sadness. In the beginning we see the success for both: one is an expert not too much young soccer player next to the retire but designated for a sure trainer career, the other one a pop romantic singer too much sure of himself but with a awful memory hidden inside. The unforgiven blade of the destiny is around the corner and in a blink will hit their lives...

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