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    Release Name: Up.In.The.Air.2009.DvDRip
    Release Date: January 5, 2010
    Filename: uitap-ndn

    Size: 713.08 MB
    Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
    Video: 640?352 | 23.976fps
    Audio: English | VBR MP3
    Subtitles: N/A
    Runtime: 1hr 49min
    IMDB Rating: 8.3/10 (6,044 votes)
    RT Critics: 8.2/10 (179 reviews)
    Directed By: Jason Reitman
    Starring: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Melanie Lynskey

    Ryan Bingham?s job is to fire people from theirs. The anguish, hostility, and despair of his ?clients? has left him falsely compassionate, living out of a suitcase, and loving every second of it. When his boss hires arrogant young Natalie, she develops a method of video conferencing that will allow termination without ever leaving the office ? essentially threatening the existence Ryan so cherishes. Determined to show the naive girl the error of her logic, Ryan takes her on one of his cross country firing expeditions, but as she starts to realize the disheartening realities of her profession, he begins to see the downfalls to his way of life.



  2. Ayaz Brohi

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    if you like post please reply
  3. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    i think you don't like my post
  4. ralf1947

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    I liked your post however rapidshare has blocked it .. great movie repost please
  5. ilikebublz

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    Well, Rapidshare figured out a way to make me drop them. Instead of flagging links they consider illegal, now they redirect you to a commercial movie purchase site. That's not gonna last long. These links are dead. Don't bother, you'll just get hassled by Rapidshare.
  6. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    new links added and pass
  7. ralf1947

    ralf1947 Guest

    part 3 and 7 are corrupt and failed password
  8. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    try this pass

  9. ralf1947

    ralf1947 Guest

    same result part3 and 7 corrupt and pass failed using my2009
  10. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    fresh links added try this links and sorry
  11. ralf1947

    ralf1947 Guest

    not to be. Had four downloaded and rapidshare put a stop to that. Thank u for all your effort. But not thru rapidshare.
  12. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    again fresh links added
  13. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    please reply
  14. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    links working
  15. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    any problem please reply
  16. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    again new links added
  17. Ayaz Brohi

    Ayaz Brohi Guest

    please reply
  18. sligo

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    Thanks for the share, but part No3 is corrupt. Downloaded it twice same result.

    “DvDRip...2009.part3.rar: Packed data CRC failed in DvDRip...2009.avi. The volume is corrupt”

    It also says the password is wrong
    Can you sort it Please

  19. yok123

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    thank you
  20. MiNuS_420

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    same result part3 and 7 corrupt and pass failed

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