Up the Creek (1958)

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    Rating: 5.9/10
    Runtime: 83
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Black & white
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Val Guest
    David Tomlinson ... Lt. Fairweather
    Peter Sellers ... CPO Doherty
    Wilfrid Hyde-White ... Adm. Foley
    Vera Day ... Lily
    Liliane Sottane ... Susanne
    Tom Gill ... Flag Lieutenant
    Michael Goodliffe ... Nelson
    Reginald Beckwith ... Rublican
    Lionel Murton ... Perkins
    John Warren ... Cooky
    Lionel Jeffries ... Steady Barker
    Howard Williams ... Bunts
    Peter Collingwood ... Chippie
    Barry Lowe ... Webster
    Edwin Richfield ... Bennett

    Description: The forgotten H.M.S. Berkley has been without a commanding officer for two years in which time the skeleton crew has gone into the racketeering business with the landlord of a coastal village. When the Navy appoint Humphrey Fairweather as a long overdue replacement his unhealthy obsession with missile construction and the landlord's beautiful niece threatens to upset the balance of business.

    One of a hoard of service comedies that hit the British cinema screens in the late '50's, early '60's. Basically it is a cross between radio's 'The Navy Lark' and the later 'Watch Your Stern' , with a bit of 'Bilko' mixed in, as 'silly ass' David Tomlinson, a rocket mad navy officer, is given command of a navy vessel and forced to contend with the schemes of his Chief Petty Officer (Peter Sellers).

    File size: 593Mb | Dimensions: 640 x 480
    Video: 900kbps XviD Z Audio: 128kb/s mp3

    Rar Password: None

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