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Discussion in 'Archive' started by vintagwine, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. vintagwine

    vintagwine Guest

    I am a free user and sometimes for days they will not let me download....I am in usa and have a fixed ip....is there a solution to this or do I just have to ignore all uploading downloads from your forum....thank you
  2. NitroJen

    NitroJen Guest

    Hi my freind ,
    For free users have some limitation , You better change your ip every download or it doesn't allow you to download ...

    Use Rapidshare better....

  3. vintagwine

    vintagwine Guest

    thank you for your quick reply....I would rather download from rapidshare but a lot of the downloads I want are on uploading.com.....could you please steer me in the right direction on how to change my ip everytime....my personal ip is fixed...thank you
  4. NitroJen

    NitroJen Guest

    I think use j-downlaoder , It's automatically change ip ...
    You can change your IP by reseting your Modem too ...


  5. vintagwine

    vintagwine Guest

    thank you very much... I will try these
  6. NitroJen

    NitroJen Guest

    Hope they works my friend ,
    any problem just pm me , Thanks...:byee:

  7. ryfaba789

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    Uploading.com is a rotten host. You can expect problems no matter what you do. If you find something you like that's hosted at up..., search to see if it's also in a thread with RS links. That's the best I can suggest.
  8. the_hippi

    the_hippi Guest

    yeah my country is perpetually blocked and my bandwidth limit is perpetually exceeded. dunno why ppl still use that shitty site. till date have never manged to download anything from that rubbish site. my suggestion is to just google it mate. worked for me....:new_russian:
  9. use ghost surf it is a program that changes ip and even blocks sending them
    with its help you can download multiple files from uploading .com rapidshare.etc

    you just need to understand and use this program properly
  10. webafile

    webafile Guest

    or just use megaupload with j-downloader this way i can download like 6 gigs a day with out a problem. where as my rapidshare "which i pay for i can only download 2.33 gigs a day"

    what im trying to say is rapidshare SUCKS :girl_cray2:
  11. I agree rapidshare suks the big one

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