Vampiros lesbos (1971)

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    Runtime: 89 min
    Language: German (subtitles included)
    Country: Spain / West Germany
    Color: Colo

    Director: Jesus Franco
    Ewa Strömberg ... Linda Westinghouse
    Soledad Miranda ... Countess Nadine Carody (as Susann Korda)
    Andrés Monales ... Omar (as Victor Feldman)
    Dennis Price ... Dr. Alwin Seward
    Paul Muller ... Dr. Steiner
    Heidrun Kussin ... Agra
    Michael Berling ... Dr. Seward's Assistant

    Description: Linda is a young American lawyer, working in a law office in Istanbul. During the night, she has passionate dreams in which a sexy brunette harasses, and makes love to her, from which she's unable to defend herself. A minor case about an inheritance forces her to travel to one of the small islands off the Turkish coast. Then, her nightmares come upon her - in a lively manner.


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