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    A pair of escaped convicts meet up with a group of gangsters by a remote forest road. After an arguement over a girl the mobsters have kidnapped, shots are fired and one of the gangsters is killed. The standoff is cut short, however, when the dead man suddenly springs to life and starts trying to kill his former friends. The zombie eventually goes down in a hail bullets, but their problems aren't over. It seems the gangsters have been using this forest to dispose of of their victims, all of whom are now looking to settle some old scores. Even if they get through this mess, there is still the question of why they've arranged to meet the convicts out here, and why they've brought along the girl. How are they connected to the dead bodies coming back to life?

    User Rating: 6.7/10

    Tak Sakaguchi ... Prisoner KSC2-303
    Hideo Sakaki ... The Man
    Chieko Misaka ... The Girl
    Ryosuke Watabe ... Yakuza zombie in alligator-skin coat
    Kenji Matsuda ... Yakuza Leader with butterfly knife
    Yuichiro Arai ... Motorcycle-riding yakuza with revolver
    Minoru Matsumoto ... Crazy yakuza with amulet
    Kazuhito Ohba ... Yakuza with glasses

    Language: English / Japanese Hardsubbed and use HJSplit to join

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