NitroFlare ViddiFy - Essential and Retention

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    ViddiFy - Essential and Retention

    Viddify allows you to insert simple, interactive quizzes inside
    your video, at the exact moment when your viewers
    would usually tune out and switch off.

    Allowing you to re-engage your viewer and incentivize
    them to keep watching with a reward to be
    delivered at the end of the video.

    If you're using video to drive traffic to your website,
    build trust with your audience, or sell a product,
    you need people to watch until the end.

    . and if people are tuning out half way through,
    they're not hearing what you have to say,
    and not understanding what you have to offer.

    You're losing around 6% of
    your viewers every second!

    Now here's the bad news, According to a study
    from University of Massachusetts.

    And after five seconds, 30% of your viewers are gone forever?!

    And unless you're a world class copywriter with some serious video marketing skills, grabbing and holding people's attention throughout your video is getting harder by the day.

    But you can only get a response when your viewers stick
    around long enough to hear what you have to say.

    . and the average person is hit with around 700
    marketing messages per day. PER DAY!

    . and as the research shows, it's getting harder to grab
    and hold people's attention these days.

    Hi, Bobby Walker, Joey Xoto and Sam Finlay here
    ..and if you're anything like us, you're already using videos to
    drive traffic, generate leads and make sales online.


    . Today, people are getting crushed with advertising, Facebook alerts, Twitter updates, emails, TV, radio, podcasts,

    cold calls and a million other marketing messages.

    Because we're living in an "A.D.D" world where people's attention spans are shorter than ever.

    The Good News Is.

    And don't just take our word for it.

    . then listen closely, because Viddify harnesses 2 very powerful psychological secret tricks to ethically force people to watch
    your videos right until the end.

    . if you're tired of people stopping your video before you get a chance to deliver your message or sell your stuff.

    . and generate more leads and sales
    from every video you put out!

    Dozens of savvy marketers are already using the power of Viddify to keep people glued to their screens and seeing their offers.


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