Video Tutorials in 3DS MAX Complete Full

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    Video Tutorials in 3DS MAX
    English | FLV | VP6F 960x768 | MP3 96 Kbps | 12.38 GB
    Genre: Video Training

    Cgtuts+ | CG amd 3D tutorials from beginner to advanced.

    Assembly_Disassembly With ParticleFlow In 3Ds Max
    Beginner Modeling Methods and Techniques in 3DS Max
    Create a Cool Looking Ink Effect using FumeFX, 3ds Max, and After Effects
    Create a Cool Smoking Text Effect using Fluid Mapping with Particle Flow
    Create a Hyper Realistic Table Fan in 3ds Max

    Create a Realistic Looking Mailbox using 3ds Max and UV Layout
    Create an Ivy Covered Tree Stump with 3ds Max, Ivy Gen, and VRay
    G.I Rendering Techniques in 3Ds Max
    How To Create Realistic Architectural Visualization Renders

    How to Simulate a Torn Flag Animation using 3ds Max and After Effects
    Model a High Poly Airframe Missile Launcher in 3ds Max
    Model a High Rez Domed Fountain Structure in 3ds Max

    Model and Texture a Stylish Modern Chair with 3ds Max and Mental Ray
    Model and Texture a Water Tower in 3ds Max
    Model and Texture an Accurate Looking Pool Table in 3ds Max

    Model and Texture an Elegantly Simple Chess Set in 3ds Max
    Project Workflow_Creating a Next-Gen Sci-Fi Prop
    Quick Tip_Alpha Cut in 3ds Max
    Quick Tip_An Intro to VRay RT
    Quick Tip_Asset Tracking in 3Ds Max
    Quick Tip_Nodal Workflow with Particle Flow in 3ds Max
    Quick Tip_The Secret To Making Convincing Explosions With FumeFX
    Quick Tip_Working Procedurally With ParticleFlow
    The Eseentials Of Particle Flow Basix




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