NitroFlare video2brain - Drupal Power Workshop with Joe Chellman (repost)

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    video2brain - Drupal Power Workshop
    WEBRip | MP4 + PDF Guidess + Project Files | English | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~450 kbps | 25 fps
    AAC | 64 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 1 channel | ~5 hours | 1.16 GB
    Genre: Video Tutorial / Web design

    Although simple to use, the content management system Drupal offers some powerful tools to help you build highly sophisticated websites. In this workshop developer and trainer Joe Chellman shows you how to incorporate advanced functionality like views, calendars, the Display Suite module, news, polls, surveys, forms, panels, and social media integration to your basic Drupal site so you can customize it to suit your needs. You'll learn how to use some of the best contributed modules from the Drupal community and even how to create your own module. In the process you'll build the development skills you need to build websites of any kind.
    Please Welcome Cash Bacon
    Where We're Starting, Where We're Going
    Software Needed for This Course
    Importing the Drupal Files
    Importing the Database
    Logging In and Setting Up

    Views: Superpowered Lists of Content
    What Is the Views Module?
    Creating a Basic News Page
    Making a New Records Page
    Refining the Records Page

    Listing Shows with Date, Calendar, and Views
    Improving the Shows Section with Date Modules
    Adding a Show Content Type with a Date Field
    Adding More Shows with Devel Generate
    Making an Upcoming Shows Page
    Customizing Field HTML
    Creating a Past Shows Page
    Grouping Upcoming and Past Shows with Tabs
    Creating an Upcoming Shows Block
    Making a Calendar Page

    Revisiting News and Views
    Adding Exposed Filters to a News Page
    Making a Contextual Filter for Authors
    Creating an Authors Summary Block
    Relationships: Tying in More Data
    Creating a Topics Page and Summary

    Display Suite: Powerful Content Display
    What Is Display Suite?
    Changing a Node View
    Using View Modes and Views
    Using Display Suite Fields
    Using Display Suite Dynamic Fields
    Using Field Templates

    The Webform Module: Surveys, Contact Forms, and More
    Webform vs. the Core Contact Module
    Making a Contact Webform
    Creating a Fan Poll
    Saving Time with Form Builder

    Panels: Codeless Control of Full Page Layouts
    What Are Panels and Grammar?
    Creating a Panels-Based Home Page
    The Page Manager UI
    Gotcha: Blocks Visibility vs. Panels
    Organizing the Node Add/Edit Page

    Social Network Integration
    Adding a Widget from
    Installing and Configuring the Twitter Module
    Making a Tweets Block with Views
    Facebook Integration Options
    Installing and Configuring the Activity Stream Module
    Making a Facebook Status Updates Block
    Installing the Facebook PHP SDK
    Using Facebook for Comments

    Further Customizations: Theme and Module
    The Theme(s) We're Using
    Making Some Small CSS Changes
    Why Write a Module?
    Hooks and the Drupal API
    Starting to Write Your Module
    Making the Module Actually Do Something
    Enabling and Testing the New Module
    Where to Look for More Information







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