Virgin Among The Living Dead (1973)

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    Rating: 4.9/10
    Runtime: 77
    Language: Language: French (hardcoded English subtitles)
    Country: France
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:

    Christina von Blanc ... Christina Benson
    Britt Nichols ... Carmencé (as Britt Nickols)
    Rosa Palomar ... Aunt Abigail
    Anne Libert ... The Queen of the Night
    Howard Vernon ... Uncle Howard
    Paul Muller ... Ernesto Pablo Reiner, Christina's father
    Jesus Franco ... Basilio (as Jesús Manera)
    Nicole Guettard ... Female Doctor (as Nicole Franco)

    Description: The legendary Jess Franco directed this twisted yet very personal tale of life and death. The basic plot, if you want to call it that, is the story of a young woman named Christina who travels to a family estate for the reading of her dead father's will. There, she meets an eccentric group of oddball relatives and experiences one weird even after another. This includes finding dead bats on her bed, walking in on a bloodsucking session and even speaking to her dead dad who still has his head in a noose.

    Director Franco was reportedly still distraught over Soledad Miranda's tragic death when he made this movie, which makes his exploration of death all the more interesting. This film plays like a fever dream from start to finish with one bizarre set piece after another. Some of the highlights include the trippy sacrificial ceremonies, the hilarious testament reading (with one snoring attendee), the disturbing severed head potted plant and the gorgeous shot of a naked Christina von Blanc swimming in a pond filled with water lilies. I also like the slow motion shot of Christina getting out of bed and finding a black dildo on the floor and the scene where a girl is painting her toenails during a funeral. The music (on the French version) was terrific and the locations perfectly fit the story. The twist ending was clever (although a little over used) and it leads to one incredible final shot. Despite the alternative title, this isn't a zombie film in the least. It is however a fantastic dreamlike experience and one Franco's best films.

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