Virtua Tennis 3 2007/multi2/RePack

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    Virtua Tennis 3 (2007/multi2/RePack by Scorp1oN)
    2007 | PC | English/Russian | Developed by: SEGA | Publisher: Soft Club | 1.34GB
    Genre: Simulation of tennis

    Virtua Tennis 3 Your ticket to the court, which brings together the best tennis players of the world. Starting his career with a friendly match in which your character resist lesser known athletes, you get a chance to break into the elite of the tennis racket and cross with celebrities, whose names are known to all, young and old. Train diligently, diligently prepare for matches in charge, and your name is also flashed on the front pages of newspapers sports!

    Additional information
    Tennis at different angles. It offers a lot of modes, from career to singles matches, as well as ten new mini games are not associated with serious sports, but no less interesting.
    Tennis career is not only tournaments! The path to glory is thorny and mnogotruden. In career mode you are waiting for the regular training, qualifying matches, and many lesser known details of the lives of athletes who remain behind the scenes of TV broadcasts and out of pages of review articles.
    Become a star, create a legend! You can choose from a great athlete, collection of stars, or create a player in his own image and likeness of characters in a convenient editor.
    Opponents are in full force! Virtual tennis exactly the style of play adopted their real prototypes, in addition, they quickly change their tactics depending on your actions.
    Play in all parts of the world! The best tennis players waiting for a world tour of the most famous courts of the Earth. You have to master the tactics of professional tennis in the fields with a different cover.
    Visual range of the new generation! Visible on the faces of opponents, each wrinkle. For facial expressions alone you can tell if your opponent takes you seriously or considers unworthy opponent and openly mocking you.
    Features repack
    Do not cut / no recoded
    Installation time 3 minutes.
    Installing additional. Software
    Author Repacka: Skorp1oN
    System requirements:
    Operating System: XP, Vista, 7;
    Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3 GHz;
    RAM: 1 GB;
    Video Card: 3D accelerator with 256 MB of memory;
    Free hard drive space: 4 GB;
    Important: Before installing disable antivirus and firewall.




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