Voroshilovskiy strelok (1999)

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    Rating: 7.4/10
    Runtime: 95 min
    Language: Russian
    Country: Russia
    Color: color

    format: AVI
    video codec:XviD
    audio codec:MP3
    video:576x432 , 25 кадр/сек, XviD MPEG-4
    audio:48 kHz, MP3, 2 chanels, 128.00 kbps

    Description: Great movie,everyone needs to watch it.
    In answer of the previous comment I'd like to say that the movie doesn't want to be exciting with mysteries like some thriller-kind films.The idea is to make you feel like the main character (the shooter obviously) and to pick a side in the conflict-would you sit and watch like the tabla-players or you are gonna take the justice in your own hands and give retribution and a bit vengeance of course.My point is that the movie (my opinion) wants not to be interesting with some scenes of complicated events,but with the emotional side of what's happen.Because to start a war against the chief of the Russian Police Department is kinda risky and dangerous,but in this situation the old sharpshooter doesn't have any other choice. The defending of the family's honor needs extreme actions,actions who none wouldn't even think to do against such overwhelming mass of corrupted police mans.But it's true thats the situation in many countries that had left the Soviet Union (1989-1991 hope I'm not wrong for the period of the breaking down) .In the end i'm gonna finish with something in my style--> If someone close to you gets hurt,would you sit and watch or you're gonna act like a man(just phrase woman can do the same brave thing :) )

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