NitroFlare VR / Google Cardboard SDK in Unity Game Development - Part.1

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    VR / Google Cardboard SDK in Unity Game Development - Part 1
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    Use the Google Cardboard SDK for developing a virtual reality (VR) game in Unity 3D. Beginners can recreate Pong and VR
    Create your first virtual reality game using Google Cardboard SDK by learning how to recreate Pong.

    Take a step into a VR world:

    All this time you have been playing games you hear a lot the word immersive. This can be achieved in different ways, it can be through narrative, visual art, audio or even some new mechanic, but now the technology has brought us a new type of immersion: Virtual Reality!! Now you can build games for those devices that seems to be the future of immersion.

    Now that Unity comes with VR integration out of the package, you just have to worry about making a great experience for the player and let Unity handle the integration.

    Create a Pong Game using the Google Cardboard SDK
    Develop a game that you can play on Google's VR device:
    Make a Pong Game that you can manipulate with Raycasts and move it with the mouse.
    Change the game so it can work on Google Cardboard.
    Set the game so you can control the player with the device.




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