vTask Studio 7.82

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    vTask Studio 7.82 | 7.4 Mb

    vTask Studio provides advanced automation for Microsoft Windows. vTask Studio gives you the opportunity to control every aspect of your computer, such as the keyboard, mouse and web actions, without needing to write any programming code.

    vTask Studio is useful in many different scenarios, such as software quality assurance testing, IT administration jobs, repetitive data entry, program installations, or unattended internet downloads.

    vTask Studio offers simple Windows automation, while still providing enterprise-level features such as data-driven models, low-level Win32 API access, and image masking.

    Here are some key features of "vTask Studio (formerly VistaTask)":

    · Full control of PC: Mouse, Keyboard, Menus
    · File, Registry, and Database Access
    · Recording and playback
    · Checkpoints, Loops, and Subroutines
    · User-defined variables and array lists
    · Excel spreadsheet automation
    · Create XLS & PDF files without Excel/Adobe
    · Compile scripts into standalone programs
    · Design User Interfaces with a single step
    · Image-based mouse commands
    · Package Scheduling and Images in EXEs
    · Low-level Win API access, without plug-ins


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