War Horse (2011) BluRay 720p x264 SayFull

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    War Horse (2011) BluRay 720p x264 SayFull

    War Horse (2011) BluRay 720p x264 SayFull
    Language: English
    146 min | 1280 x 528 | 23.98 fps | Mkv | AAC - 128kbs - 48KHz - Stereo | 899 MB
    Genre: Drama | History | War
    Stars: Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis

    Dartmoor,1914:To his wifes dismay farmer Narracott buys a thoroughbred horse ratherthan a plough animal, but when his teenaged son Albert trains the horseand calls him Joey, the two becoming inseparable. When his harvestfails, the farmer has to sell Joey to the British cavalry and he isshipped to France where, after a disastrous offensive he is captured bythe Germans and changes hands twice more before he is found, caught inthe barbed wire in No Mans Land four years later and freed. He isreturned behind British lines where Albert, now a private, has beentemporarily blinded by gas, but still recognizes his beloved Joey.However, as the Armistice is declared Joey is set to be auctioned off.After all they have been through will Albert and Joey return hometogether




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