Watcher in the Attic (1976)

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    Rating: 5.2/10
    Runtime: 76
    Language: Japanese (English softsubs)
    Country: Japan
    Color: color
    IMDb Link:

    Junko Miyashita
    Renj Ishibashi
    Hiroshi Cho
    Aoi Nakajima
    Toshihiko Oda
    Yumemara Shira

    Description: Original title: "Edogawa Rampo ryoki-kan: Yaneura no sanpo sha"
    Another sleazy adaption of a story by Japanese author Edogawa Rampo. The landlord of a boarding house in 1923 Tokyo, is keen on spying on the bizarre close encounters taking place beneath his roof. One day he sees a prostitute killing a customer, and decides he's found his soulmate. Slightly confusing at the start, with a lot of black screen and changing faces but soon we are down to the main protagonists and there is little room for ambiguity. The dramatic ending gives explanation for the 1923 setting and concludes what in the end is an erotic and powerful exploration of human nature's darker side.

    699 MB, 640 x 272, 156 KBit/s

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    thanks for the movie

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