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    Wave Arts Dialog v1.34
    WiN: 39 Mb | MacOSX: 126 Mb

    Dialog combines in one plug-in all the processing needed to clean up, adjust, and sweeten recordings of the spoken voice. It is perfect for voice-over, film/tv recordings on location or sound stage, and broadcast.

    Dialog includes brickwall filters, de-hum and de-buzz processing, broadband noise reduction, de-ploding, de-essing, 10-band equalization, compression, and limiting. Separate presets for each section allow you to get results fast.

    The brickwall filters have variable rolloff slopes and can be used to cutoff low or high frequency ranges. The de-hum processor uses notch filters to eliminate 10 harmonics of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz hum. The de-buzz processor squelches nasty line frequency buzzes. The de-noise processor is the stellar sounding MR Noise algorithm with a simplified interface. De-plode and de-ess are custom processors; use de-plode to tame plosive sounds and use de-ess to adjust the amount of sibiliants. The EQ section is the powerful and easy to use TrackPlug equalizer, with 10 bands of equalization, 11 different filter types to choose from, and a variety of presets. The compressor is the TrackPlug Vintage compressor, with presets tailored to voice processing.

    10-band EQ section with 11 different filter types and 64-bit processing
    Low and high pass brickwall filters with various rolloff slopes
    Hum and buzz removal
    Broadband noise reduction
    De-plode function for plosive or wind rumble attenuation
    De-ess function for sibilant attenuation
    Peak limiter
    Comprehensive metering
    Master preset manager and preset manager per section
    Latency compensation
    Fully automatable
    Up to 192K support
    Mono or stereo

    Unlock Notes:

    Go to Tools/The About menu and click UNLOCK Plugin

    At the botton of the popup you will see your Machine ID number

    Enter that number in the AiR Keygen

    Paste the Key Code in Dialog after

    AAX Plugin will not work with keygen



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