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    Waves Diamond Bundle 5.2 for Mac OSX (Completely iLok Resettable!)
    [Look Down Page in W-BB Selected Uploads Section :D ]



    The world of Waves in one massive collection.
    With over 100 stellar processors and over 250 component plug-ins, Mercury features more Waves in one package than ever before!

    From time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury Collection offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools, more processors than ever before in one place.

    Finally-the world of Waves in one massive collection. Waves Mercury.



    Over 100 Plug-ins:

    API 550A
    API 550B
    API 560
    API 2500
    C1 Comp & Sidechain
    C1 Gate
    C1 Parametric Compander
    C1 Comp-Gate
    C360 Surround Compressor
    C4 MultiBand
    CLA-76 Blacky
    CLA-76 Bluey
    Dorrough Stereo
    Dorrough Surround
    Eddie Kramer Bass Channel
    Eddie Kramer Drum Channel
    Eddie Kramer Effects Channel
    Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel
    Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel
    GTR3 Amps: Direct
    GTR3 Amps: Clean
    GTR3 Amps: Warm
    GTR3 Amps: Punchy
    GTR3 Amps: Scream
    GTR3 Amps: Shredder
    GTR3 Amps: Sweet
    GTR3 Amps: Edgy
    GTR3 Amps: Cream
    GTR3 Amps: Drive
    GTR3 Amps: OverDrive
    GTR3 Amps: Crush
    GTR3 Amps: Monster
    GTR3 Amps: Inferno
    GTR3 Amps: Scorch
    GTR3 Amps: Supernatural
    GTR3 Amps: Hot
    GTR3 Amps: Crunch
    GTR3 Amps: Modern
    GTR3 Amps: Legatron Clean
    GTR3 Amps: Legatron Crunch
    GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Clean
    GTR3 Amps: Thermitron Crunch
    GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Lite
    GTR3 Amps: Plexitron Crunch
    GTR3 Bass Amps: Directube
    GTR3 Bass Amps: Activator
    GTR3 Bass Amps: SolidState
    GTR3 Bass Amps: Mo?Town
    GTR3 Bass Amps: SuperTube
    GTR3 Bass Amps: Thunder
    GTR3 Bass Amps: OverBass
    GTR3 Stomps: Chorus
    GTR3 Stomps: OverDrive
    GTR3 Stomps: Distortion
    GTR3 Stomps: Fuzz
    GTR3 Stomps: Buzz
    GTR3 Stomps: Metal
    GTR3 Stomps: Flanger
    GTR3 Stomps: Vibrolo
    GTR3 Stomps: Panner
    GTR3 Stomps: Phaser
    GTR3 Stomps: Octaver
    GTR3 Stomps: WahWah
    GTR3 Stomps: Doubler
    GTR3 Stomps: Pitcher
    GTR3 Stomps: Bass Pitcher
    GTR3 Stomps: Delay
    GTR3 Stomps: Lay-D
    GTR3 Stomps: Reverb
    GTR3 Stomps: Spring
    GTR3 Stomps: Gate/Comp
    GTR3 Stomps: Compressor
    GTR3 Stomps: Gate GTR3 Stomps: Tone
    GTR3 Stomps: EQ
    GTR3 Stomps: Axx Press
    GTR3 Stomps: Volume Pedal
    GTR3 Tuner
    GTR3 ToolRack
    IDR360? Bit Re-quantizer
    H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
    H-Delay Hybrid Delay
    IR1 Parametric Convolution Reverb
    IR360? Surround Convolution Reverb
    IR-L Parametric Convolution Reverb
    L1 Limiter
    L1 Ultramaximizer
    L2 Ultramaximizer
    L3 Multimaximizer
    L3 Ultramaximizer
    L3-16 Multimaximizer
    L3-LL Multimaximizer
    L3-LL Ultramaximizer
    LFE360? Low-Pass Filter
    L360? Surround Limiter
    Linear Phase Equalizer Broadband
    Linear Phase Equalizer Lowband
    Linear Phase MultiBand
    M360? Surround Manager
    M360? Surround Mixdown
    Maserati ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer
    Maserati B72 Bass Phattner
    Maserati DRM Drum Slammer
    Maserati GTi Guitar Toner
    Maserati HMX Harmonics Generator
    Maserati VX1 Vocal Enhancer
    MV2 Dynamics Processor
    MV360 Surround Dynamics Processor
    PAZ Analyzer
    PS22 Stereo Maker (TDM Only)
    PuigChild 660 & 670
    PuigTec EQP-1A
    PuigTec MEQ-5
    Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer
    R360? Surround Reverb
    Renaissance Axx
    Renaissance Bass
    Renaissance Channel
    Renaissance Compressor
    Renaissance DeEsser
    Renaissance Equalizer
    Renaissance Reverb
    Renaissance Vox
    S1 Stereo Imager
    S1 Stereo Matrix
    S1 Stereo Shuffler
    S360? Surround Imager
    S360? Surround Panner
    SuperTap 2-Tap
    SuperTap 6-Tap
    TransX MultiBand
    TransX WideBand
    UM225 / UM226
    Waves Tune

    Over 250 Components:

    Amp 2Cab Mono
    Amp M>S
    Amp Mono
    Amp Stereo
    API 550A Mono
    API 550A Stereo
    API 550B Mono
    API 550B Stereo
    API 560 Mono
    API 560 Stereo
    API 2500 Stereo
    AudioTrack Mono
    AudioTrack Stereo
    Axx Press Mono
    Axx Press Stereo
    Bass Pitcher Mono
    Bass Pitcher Stereo
    Buzz Mono
    Buzz Stereo
    C1-Comp Mono
    C1-Comp Stereo
    C1-Comp-Gate Mono
    C1-Comp-Gate Stereo
    C1-CompSideChain Mono
    C1-CompSideChain Stereo
    C1-DLA Mono
    C1-DLA Stereo
    C1-Gate Mono
    C1-Gate Stereo
    C-360 5 to 5
    C-360 5.1 to 5.1
    C4 Mono
    C4 Stereo
    Center Stereo
    Chorus M>S
    Chorus Mono
    Chorus Stereo
    CLA-2A Mono
    CLA-2A Stereo
    CLA-3A Mono
    CLA-3A Stereo
    CLA-76 Blacky Mono
    CLA-76 Blacky Stereo
    CLA-76 Bluey Mono
    CLA-76 Bluey Stereo
    Compressor Mono
    Compressor Stereo
    DeBreath Mono
    Delay M>S
    Delay Mono
    Delay Stereo
    Distortion Mono
    Distortion Stereo
    Doppler M>S
    Doppler Stereo
    Dorrough Mono
    Dorrough Stereo
    Dorrough Surround 5.0
    Dorrough Surround 5.1
    Doubler Stereo
    Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Mono
    Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Stereo
    Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Mono
    Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Stereo
    Enigma Stereo
    EQ Mono
    EQ Stereo
    Flanger M>S
    Flanger Mono
    Flanger Stereo
    Fuzz Mono
    Fuzz Stereo
    Gate Mono
    Gate Stereo
    Gate/Comp Mono
    Gate/Comp Stereo
    H-Comp Mono
    H-Comp Stereo
    H-Delay Mono
    H-Delay M>S
    H-Delay Stereo
    IDR360 5.1ch
    IDR360 5ch
    IR-1 Efficient Stereo
    IR-1 Full Stereo
    IR-1 M>S
    IR-1 Mono
    IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5.1 to 5.1
    IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5ch to 5ch
    IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor
    IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5
    Channel Sound Field
    IR-360 Full Stereo to 5 Channel
    Sound Field
    IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor
    IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Sound Field
    IR-360 Sound Field 5.1 to 5.1
    IR-360 Sound Field 5ch to 5ch
    IR-L Efficient Stereo
    IR-L Full Stereo
    IR-L M>S
    IR-L Mono
    L1 DLA Mono
    L1 DLA Stereo
    L1 Limiter Mono
    L1 Limiter Stereo
    L1 Ultramaximizer Stereo
    L1 Ultramaximizer Mono
    L-360 5 To 5
    L-360 5.1 To 5.1
    LayD M>S
    LayD Mono
    LayD Stereo
    LFE360 5.1 to 5.1
    LFE360 Mono
    M-360 Manager 5 to 5
    M-360 Manager 5 to 5.1
    M-360 Manager 5.1 to 5.1
    M-360 Mixdown 5 to 5
    Maserati GTi Stereo
    Maserati HMX M>S
    Maserati HMX Stereo
    Maserati VX1 M>S
    Maserati VX1 Stereo MaxxBass Mono
    MaxxBass Stereo
    MV2 Mono
    MV2 Stereo
    MV360 5.0 to 5.0
    MV360 5.1 to 5.1
    Octaver Mono
    Octaver Stereo
    Reverb Mono
    Reverb M>S
    Reverb StereoVolume Pedal Mono
    Volume Pedal Stereo
    OverDrive Mono
    OverDrive Stereo
    Panner M>S
    Panner Stereo
    PAZ - Analyzer Stereoeo
    PuigTec EQP-1A Mono
    PuigTec EQP-1A Stereo
    PuigTec MEQ-5 Mono
    PuigTec MEQ-5 Stereo
    Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Mono
    Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo
    Q10 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo
    Q-Capture Mono
    Q-Clone Mono
    Q-Clone Stereo
    R-360 5 to 5
    R-360 Compact 5.1 to 5.1
    R-360 Compact Mono to 5
    R-360 Compact Mono to 5.1
    R-360 Compact Stereo to 5
    R-360 Compact Stereo to 5.1
    RenComp Mono
    RenComp Stereo
    RenDeEsser Mono
    RenDeEsser Stereo
    RenEQ-6 Stereo
    RenReverb Compact M>S
    RenReverb Compact Stereo
    RenReverb M>S
    RenReverb Stereo
    RenVox Mono
    RenVox Stereo
    RenReverb M>S
    RenReverb Mono
    RenReverb Stereo
    S1-Imager Stereo
    S-360 Imager Stereo to 5.1
    S-360 Panner Mono to 5
    S-360 Panner Mono to 5.1
    SoundShifter Parametric Stereo
    SoundShifter Pitch Mono
    SoundShifter Pitch Stereo
    Spring M>S
    Spring Mono
    Stomp4 Mono
    Stomp4 Stereo
    Stomp6 M>S
    Stomp6 Mono
    Stomp6 Stereo
    SuperTap 2-Taps Mod M>S
    6-Taps Mono
    SuperTap 6-Taps Stereo
    Tone Mono
    Tone Stereo
    TransX Multi Mono
    TrueVerb Stereo
    Tuner Mono
    UltraPitch 3-Voice M>S
    UltraPitch 3-Voice Mono
    UltraPitch 3-Voice Stereo
    UltraPitch 6-Voice M>S
    UltraPitch 6-Voice Mono
    Vibrolo Mono
    Vibrolo Stereo
    Volume Pedal Mono
    Volume Pedal Stereo
    WahWah Mono
    WahWah Stereo
    Waves Tune Mono
    X-Click Mono
    X-Click Stereo
    X-Crackle Mono
    X-Crackle Stereo
    X-Hum Mono
    X-Noise Stereo
    Z-Noise Mono
    Z-Noise Stereo



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