What To Do In Case Of Fire DVDRip (2001)

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    Was tun wenns brennt.avi (699 MB)
    Was tun wenns brennt.srt (69.3 KB)

    Source: DVDRip
    Runtime: 97 minutes
    Language: German
    Subtitles: English (soft subs)

    IMDb Info:
    IMDb Ratings: 7.1/10 (1131 votes)

    Plot: In 1987, in Berlin, six young idealistic anarchic activists leave a handcrafted bomb in a mansion. Only thirteen years later the bomb explodes, wounding two persons. The police force, under the command of the experienced inspector Manowsky (Klaus Löwitsch), investigate the terrorist act and go to the old apartment, where Tim (Til Schweiger) and the crippled Hotte (Martin Feifel) live, collecting all possible evidences, including many films. One of these films show the group making the bomb, and Hotte and Tim decide to find the former four members of their group to tell them that they may go to jail, if the investigation watch the film. Maik (Sebastian Blomberg) is a successful man working in an advertisement agency; Terror (Matthias Matschke) is a lawyer; Nele (Nadja Uhl) is a mother of two children; and Flo (Doris Schretzmayer) is a mysterious wealthy woman. The group joins force and plots a plan to retrieve the film.

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