Whatever & Extension du domaine de la lutte (1999)

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    Rating: 6.5/10 (327 votes)
    Runtime: 115
    Language: French (English .srt subtitles included)
    Country: France
    Color: Color

    Director: Philippe Harel
    Philippe Bianco ... Voice of the narrator
    Philippe Harel ... Our Hero
    José Garcia ... Raphael Tisserand
    Catherine Mouchet ... The psychologist
    Cécile Reigher ... Catherine Lechardoy

    Description: The French director Philippe Harel, has teamed together with the author Michel Houellebecq for the screenplay to his cult novel of the same name. Harel plays Houellebecq's (anti)hero himself in a movie that serves as a provocative mirror of the dark side of today's society.

    We follow an IT trainer, simply known as Our Hero, barely holding down his job, struggling against loneliness, endlessly diagnosing the pointlessness of it all. Our Hero is a depressed, cynical, sexually obsessed man moping through life perked up only by the fun he has putting others into a similarly suicidal state. When he is sent on a work trip to train up clients to use his company's software he is forced to travel with the slimy Raphael, an unreconstruted male bursting with such sheer desperation that he is destined never to have success with the women he chases...

    On the trip the pair begin to bond in a very loose fashion since our hero openly hates Raphael and Raphael tolerates our hero because he has to in order to feel he has a real friend. The pure bitterness of Philippe Harel is fantastically bleak and raw. He never relents in his mission to proove that life is futile and wonderful incidents like his stress over trying to buy a bed illustrate this perfectly. This man lives to make himself and others unhappy.

    Raphael, played with admirable sympathy by Jose Garcia tranforms from the ultimate creep to a tragic figure as we learn more and more about him. Raphael still posesses huge hope for the future despite the indications that nothing is ever going to go right for him, which is only reinforced by his travelling companion who he idealises as a sage on the subject of love and romance on the basis that he has actually managed a relationship in the past...

    The whole film has a blackly glossy look with grotty flats and gloomy weather setting the mood. That such a miserable film should be so watchable and at times very funny is something of a surprise. That Raphael also prooves eventually to be such a moving figure is totally unexpected. Both Harel's acting and direction are excellent and his choice of source material seems to suit his eclectic tastes perfectly. This is a very French, very disposessed look at life for a single man in the modern world. Don't be disheartened by the high depression content though since here the unhappiness of the characters give you a feeling of compensatory healthiness and lightness.

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