When The War Came To Australia TV 2006 DVDrips

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    When The War Came To Australia TV 2006 DVDrips
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    Genre: Documentary

    This four part series, as seen on ABC TV, tells the story of Australians on the Home Front during World War II. Personal recollections, rare archival footage and the music of the time combine to create an evocative and haunting picture of this unique picture in Australian history.

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    Episode 1: Our Melancholy Duty

    Britain's war with Germany rallies the Empire to her sides, young Australians volunteer and are sent into battle.

    Episode 2: Our Darkest Hour

    The true horror of war hits home. Darwin is attacked by the Japanese and the brits are unable to defend Singapore.

    Episode 3: Saviours, Lovers, Heroes

    The Tanks are here! Aussie women are charmed but the Aussie men resent them. Life is very hard with little leisure.

    Episode 4: The Long War

    The war years have changed for ever the way Australians see themselves and their future relationship to America.


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