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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Rfqswcaj, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Aug 12, 2013
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    I have not been able to post for 4 days I have sent PMs to 3 Super Mods & Pron1ck
    with no results??? I have made over 1500 posts with no problems, I have not received any PMs from anyone saying I did something wrong, Need some help here!! JDeere
  2. kmarko

    kmarko Guest

    The forum have some technical problems , you are not the only one with that problem
  3. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    We have asked many times for the problems on the site to be fixed, but they continue. The staff also have probs modding because of it. We are inundated with pms but please send me one.
  4. abdul89

    abdul89 Guest

    ITs same with me....i cudnt post since a week...
  5. deadlegion

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    Keep sending PM's to Pron1ck, it's all I can suggest.
    There is nothing smods or mods can do to change your permissions ourselves.

    I personally miss your shares JDeere, you have posted some good stuff, and with MU links.
  6. rockrshockr

    rockrshockr Guest

    Love your posts, jdeere!
  7. Ladybbird

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    Members, many of you are posting and sending pms to staff, asking why you cant post. We are sorry but this is not our fault. We have asked many times for all the repairs to be done to the site, but nothing happens.

    Please stop pming staff, we are receiving hundreds of them and dont have time to reply.

    Regular Uploaders and Donators only can pm me

    Thank you.

    This site has many problems and we staff are having
    the same problems, sorry. We cant even work the site
    properly. So most of the staff never come on here now,
    this site is dying and all the live links are very dangerous
    for any site. They can be traced and then prosecutions will

    Because of this some of the staff have now joined the site
    below and we would welcome you to join us.

    Please join and introduce yourself in the welcome section and
    include in your post if you are an uploader.

    We hope you do and post a lot to help us build up the site.

    The links on there are protected with FTP,
    so people never have to pay again for premium membership
    with Rapidshare, Hotfile, Fileshare, etc.

    You will find everything on there and it is much friendlier.

    The new site is;


    Dream Team Downloads1

    Register and introduce yourself please,,,and welcome
    and thank you for taking the time to read this message, we hope
    you decide to join and support us.

    Thank you
  8. Marnie

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    Such a shame, but thanks anyway
  9. thanhlaoca

    thanhlaoca Guest

    i'm uploader please actived for me post now thanks.
  10. danny225

    danny225 Guest

    I seem to be having a problem too as a new member posting new threads... If someone could please let me know if you need a minimum number of posts before making new threads?
  11. polad504

    polad504 Guest

    Im new here, why i cant post anything?
  12. heedwin

    heedwin Guest

    Same problem.
    Some to answer?
  13. polad504

    polad504 Guest

    knock knock !
  14. Tinkinvoimb

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  15. Marnie

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  16. Marnie

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  17. hussau49bk

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    Fix it or kiss it good-bye... assholes...
  18. hussau49bk

    hussau49bk Guest

    Selling Filesonic as the so-called "best" and they can't get their website to fucking work... idiots...
  19. hussau49bk

    hussau49bk Guest

    What more can I say...
  20. Marnie

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