Why is ARNT Banned?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by r3dCl1tz, May 18, 2011.

  1. r3dCl1tz

    r3dCl1tz Guest

    this guy is famous and was staff here
    why is he banned?
  2. blackemil

    blackemil Guest

    i don't know
  3. ctvxxx

    ctvxxx Guest

    me too
  4. you should pm admin.
  5. hitxxx

    hitxxx Guest

    welcome [​IMG]
  6. stoyanps

    stoyanps Guest

    I wonder too...
  7. don't know...
  8. ihbinde

    ihbinde Guest

  9. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    He was banned as were the rest of us staff! We worked very hard but they wouldnt do the repairs so when we complained we were banned.

    Also Members, many of you are posting and sending pms to staff, asking why you cant post. We are sorry but this is not our fault. We have asked many times for all the repairs to be done to the site, but nothing happens.

    Please stop pming staff, we are receiving hundreds of them and dont have time to reply.

    Regular Uploaders and Donators only can pm me

    Thank you.

    This site has many problems and we staff are having
    the same problems, sorry. We cant even work the site
    properly. So most of the staff never come on here now,
    this site is dying and all the live links are very dangerous
    for any site. They can be traced and then prosecutions will

    Because of this some of the staff have now joined the site
    below and we would welcome you to join us.

    Please join and introduce yourself in the welcome section and
    include in your post if you are an uploader.

    We hope you do and post a lot to help us build up the site.

    The links on there are protected with FTP,
    so people never have to pay again for premium membership
    with Rapidshare, Hotfile, Fileshare, etc.

    The new site is;




    Register and introduce yourself here please and say I invited you,,,and welcome
    and thank you for taking the time to read this message, we hope
    you decide to join and support us.

    Thank you

  10. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    What a shame
  11. Marnie

    Marnie Guest

    Thanks for the info

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