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    Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3.0 | 1.9GB
    Wilcom, a leader the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration, presented the last release of EmbroideryStudio E3.0, the leading design software application for decorated goods industry professionals. EmbroideryStudio provides capabilities for embroidery professionals who require complete control of the design process. No other product on the market provides the flexibility of EmbroideryStudio in creating designs for both embroidery and multi-decoration.EmbroideryStudio offers an efficient, user-friendly approach to embroidery design by combining the embroidery capabilities of Wilcom embroidery software with the graphical capabilities of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. While it provides a complete embroidery design solution, it also integrates with existing printing processes, enabling swift inter-conversion of printing and embroidery designs, as well as integration of multi-decoration designs

    Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3.0 at a glanceWilcom EmbroideryStudio e3.0 is a major new release of Wilcom's suite of embroidery and multi-decoration software products. The main emphases of this release are:

    - Modular products and elements for greater choice and flexibility
    - Application support for updates and upgrades online
    - Enhanced Wilcom EMB 'ecosystem'
    - New CorelDRAW X6 features
    - Enhanced Corel-Wilcom presentation and integration
    - Revised user interface for improved usability - easier, more productive
    - New and improved functionality for embroidery, bling, and print
    - Improved embroidery and bling lettering
    - New virtual decoration element
    - Multi-user network dongle
    - Improved convenience & logistics
    - New Wilcom TrueSizer Web - EMB ecosystem online

    About Wilcom

    In 1979 Wilcom's founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods. A global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wilcom has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world's favourite embroidery software for ease-of-use, quality and service.

    Name: Wilcom EmbroideryStudio
    Version: e3.0
    Interface: english
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even

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