Wiley Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Bible

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    Size: 53 MB | Format: CHM | ISBN: 0470043687
    Wiley Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Bible
    CHM | 801 pages | 2007-02-27 | ISBN: 0470043687 | 53 MB

    Creating a good presentation is much more than just clicking a few dialog boxes and typing some text. It requires knowledge and planning lots of it. With the PowerPoint 2007 Bible you will not only be able to build a presentation with PowerPoint* but you ll also be able to explain why you made the choices you did* and you ll deliver that presentation smoothly and with confidence.
    Experienced PowerPoint presenters will find the book full of coverage of Microsoft's new Office user interface for PowerPoint* including the innovative Ribbon. Anyone using PowerPoint will appreciate the advice on how to avoid really bad PowerPoint* get beyond bullet points* and engage the audience by creating PowerPoint presentations that don't suck.

    Valuable CD-ROM included! The CD-ROM included with the book contains more than 500 ready-to-use PowerPoint templates* backgrounds and themes from some of the best-known professional PowerPoint designers

    Some of the topics covered include:
    Getting familiar with PowerPoint* the new tabs and Ribbon* the Office menu* SmartArt* and PowerPoint views
    Delivering an effective presentation from identifying your audience and purpose through developing the content and rehearsing to preparing the room and equipment and finally getting on stage
    Working with slides* text* and text formatting including the right fonts for your presentation format
    Laying out slides and presentations with layouts* masters*backgrounds* and the new PowerPoint 2007 Themes
    Working with tables and including tabluar material and data from Word or Excel
    Drawing* working with photos and using charts* clip art* and PowerPoint 2007's new SmartArt
    Adding sound effects* music* video* and soundtracks
    Creating animations and transitions
    Supporting your audience and presentation with handouts* speaker notes* and outlines
    Working with PowerPoints live presentation tools including on-screen controls* backup slides* custom shows* preparing your presentation for use on another computer* and freeduan.com preparing your AV equipment or projectors
    Building other presentation types including a self-running kiosk and a web and CD/DVD presentations
    Sharing and collaborating on presentations on a LAN or using the new SharePoint Slide Library
    4 special labs to help you put all of your PowerPoint skills to us in great content including presenting content with out Bullet lists

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    Nice! Thanks! :yahoo:
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    your welcome :)
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    nice work...........
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    no problem bro
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    Big course big book.:rap:
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    no problem :)
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    I can`t open the files, what program i need to open the program?.

    I have winrar.
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    but winrar will open it !
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    :heyo: yes, i did it. thanks.
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    many thanks!:heyo:
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    thank's for the book friend
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    no problem bro :)
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    Thanks for upload, when i try to open an error message appers say BB 00 is missing why?
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    no problem
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    thanks 4 sharing

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    Your welcome bro
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    having trouble opening the files...
    am using winrar..
    pretty frustrating after such a big download and no cigar....
    appreciate help:girl_cray2::girl_cray2:
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    what do you mean?
    the file is in health :triniti:
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