window 7 costumization for vista

Discussion in 'Archive' started by saarthak, Mar 26, 2009.

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    if you looking for Windows 7 transformation pack for vista. You might like this Windows 7 M2 customization pack which definitely prettier that the old vista styles.

    you can also customize xp

    reply/thanks if you like the post
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    u r welcome
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    Thanks for sharing
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    u r welcome
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    Thanks for sharing it
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    u r welcome friends
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    Got to be better than original thanks
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    thank u mate[oilrag29]
    thanks for the comment:heyo:
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    thanks mate
    really look same as win 7
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    i like it, thanks for the share
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    Thanks for sharing it :heyo:
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    Thanks for the post
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    your all welcome friends
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    no probs man works awesome looks awesome feel awesome
    very thanks
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    its always a pleasure
    you are welcome
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    u r welcome

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