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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Dagger20, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Dagger20

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    Window XP SP3 Designer 2008 multibootable-WIn XP SP3 for Designer-for slow pc Ram128- very pro
    this version is actived* you can update everyday from microsoft

    Min.Requirements: CPU celetron 2.8GHZ* 128mbRAM* any Graphic Card.

    add more hotfixed
    Please be patient on 15 minutes of Win Setup!!!

    WGA is integrated so it is activated and ready to visit Microsoft for future updates

    No serial needed (if needed for upgrade can be found on CD root)

    Can be installed on any partition

    Tweaked for faster performance by default. For tweaking fans there is a large collection
    of additional updated tweaks in Desktop folder for optional use (Just read eveything in
    folder carefully) But I think is not necessary. It is fast like it is!
    [Driver Packages integrated]
    SATA/RAID Support
    Chipset 8.03
    CPU 8.04
    LAN 8.05.3
    MassStorage 8.05
    WLAN 8.06
    many software for desginer
    multibootable: ghost for dos* partion magic for dos* go to DOS

    Just use hjsplit to re-join files
    Password if needed:7zipultra
  2. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    Not working!
  3. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    yes it is working ....why you say its not working ?????????? 6 hrs now all good
  4. caumbfaurbark

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    thank you let me see if it works be right back
  5. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    sory !!! Ako neko zna srpski nek mu preveda jer ja to neznam da napisem!!!

    linkovi rade ali kad se skine i hoces da raspakujes * prikazuje gresku!!!!
  6. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    what you say skoda don't understand ?????????
  7. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    when downolad has be finish I try unpak and show me error* damaget !!!!!
    I don't know what to do?????
  8. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    I try to download more time and every time show me the same mistake. Some file is damaget. Sorry if I don't know so well write on english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    sorry to hear that is your internet fast or slow ??? my is fast 800kbs if you have a slow internet speed like 56k that could be it .. i had no trouble have to unzip
    with winrar zip and thin with 7zip .YOU HAVE TO UNZIP 2 TIMES ..HAVE you try to
    downloads before on this site others app and did it work ?? if you need me to download and try it
    i will ... let me know ...bye..........
  10. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    this is a real good app .. well time to move on :heyo:
  11. buslin

    buslin Guest

    Thankyou for this one it looks great
  12. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    I have 768 adsl ! And try to download more times , but show me everytime the same errors!!!!!
  13. حممودي

    حممودي Guest

    dose it work or NOT ????

  14. sk0da

    sk0da Guest

    not work !
  15. aasnj5882i

    aasnj5882i Guest

    it works :m13:
  16. danivampire

    danivampire Guest

  17. cleatis

    cleatis Guest

    what u have to do is extract all rar files and u will have d1 - d7
    ok now just add file from d2 to d1. add file from d3 to d1, add file from d4 to d1 etc.
    ok now right click file in d1 called and unzip using this pass (7zipultra) now you have a iso file.
    i used power iso and burnt image .

    thanks for the upload

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