Windows 8 AIO 16-in-1 (Final Build 9200) + Permanent Activator - CODE3H

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    Windows 8 AIO 16-in-1 (Final Build 9200) + Permanent Activator - CODE3H
    Size : 4.48 GB


    * Windows 8 AIO 16-in-1 FINAL
    * Windows 8 Permanent Activator
    * Windows 8 Personalise Settings (NEW FIX)
    * Windows 8 Edition with MEDIA PLAYER

    Tested and working 100% (With Proofs)


    What are included this pack?
    1] Windows 8 AIO 16-in-1 (ISO, 4.37GB)
    2] Perminent Activator
    3] Personalization Enabled (NEW FIX)
    4] Activating Windows 8 Video tutorial (MP4)
    5] Free ISO Burner

    File: win8aio16in1.iso
    CRC-32: 2ba1a36e
    MD4: 34f2820c2326cab49ee420a19d43cdd4
    MD5: d20238a28875400f36866929e0af8940
    SHA-1: 8a1ae6bb102169c0b8441d6f8bee81b74376fcce

    * Burn ISO and Install Windows 8
    * Use Permanent Activator to Activate your copy (Included in torrent)
    * If failed to access PERSONALISE settings, run FIX (FIX_P8.25.exe) given in [Permanent Activator] folder
    * Enjoy Windows 8 Permanent Activated !!

    1.a] Burn "win8aio16in1.iso" at least possible speed (4x) (ISO Burner given in [Bonus] Folder
    1.b] As the ISO is bootable, you can boot through the DVD and start installing W8
    1.c] Once the installation started, choose your version of W8 and finish installn

    2.a] Open [Permanent Activator] folder and RUN "ACTIVATOR_KJ.120829.exe" as ADMIN
    2.b] Now hit on WINDOWS 8 INSTALL/UNINSTALL which start activation process in Windows CMD
    2.c] CMD will ask to confirm the activation, then hit Y to start Activating. Activation process may
    take couple of minutes, after that you must see Activation Sucessfull message on screen,
    which will lead you to restart.

    Note : This activator must activate your windows Permanently and enable Penalization settings. If it failed to Enable
    Penalization Settings Please follow the below instructions (3.a and 3.b)

    These instructions are ONLY for those who are not able to access the personalise settings after Activating Windows Permanently.
    3.a] Open [Permanent Activator] folder and RUN "FIX_P8.25.exe" as ADMIN
    3.b] Windows CMD will automatically Run fix and restart your PC

    After restart, you should be able to Access Personlization settings - Enjoy !!

    What version of Windows 8 is it ?
    This is Windows 8 Final (Build 9200), It has all the versions of Windows 8 to choose and install

    x86 (32-bit)
    Windows 8 x86
    Windows 8 N x86
    Windows 8 Pro x86
    Windows 8 Pro VL x86
    Windows 8 Pro N x86
    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86
    Windows 8 Enterprise x86
    Windows 8 Enterprise N x86

    x64 (64-bit)
    Windows 8 x64
    Windows 8 N x64
    Windows 8 Pro x64
    Windows 8 Pro VL x64
    Windows 8 Pro N x64
    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64
    Windows 8 Enterprise x64
    Windows 8 Enterprise N x64

    I have included all the screenshots (Proofs in Bonus Folder, Please have a look)

    This copy of Windows is untouched ?
    NO, This is a modified copy.
    Modifications are done to enable all the versions of Windows 8

    Does activator included ? Tested and working ?
    YES, Activator included
    I have personally tested this activator by installing W8 Pro media center edition (On VMware)
    Tested and working 100%

    Watch the video tutorial included (For better understanding)

    Permanent Activation was sucessfull!, BUT UNABLE to access PERSONALISE settings :(
    This is a known issue, If the activator failed to enable access PERSONALISE settings
    run FIX (FIX_P8.25.exe) given in [Permanent Activator] folder

    Watch the video tutorial included (For better understanding)

    Will I get Media Player by default, if I install this copy ?
    YES, it depends on the version which you have choosen

    If you want media player by default, choose on of the following version
    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86
    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64

    What Languages this copy has ?
    ENGLISH Only

    I have language packs with me, How can I install them ?
    Press Windows + R to open Run box.
    - Type LPKSetup.exe
    - Chose Install display languages
    - Browse to folder that contain downloaded language files
    - Install

    Can i update this version ?
    I havent tested updating yet, but I recommend NOT to update until someone (me) test this !

    Which edition of windows have more options ?
    Please visit this link for clarity on windows 8 editions and its related features
    Windows 8 editions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Problem with Burning DVD ?
    You can choose any image burning software to Burn W8 ISO image to a empty DVD
    However, there is a ISO Burner included in this torrent (Can be found in BONUS folder) Use it to burn ISO image.


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