Windows Vista 3G RED Edition 2009 Bootable CD

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    Vista 3G RED Edition 2009 for PC, Notebooks (support SATA/RAID. It base on "Windows XP" operating system with service pack three (SP3) with the latest updates which officially issued by Microsoft corporation till March 2009, including programs and security updates. The whole version is issued on Compact disc 702 mega byte none of the contents was removed as it's the last vortex generation issued on CD & the coming ones will be on DVD. The latest version includes many of new updates & creative enhancement s specialized from Vortex to be easy and more efficiency.

    Author: Vortex
    Base on: Windows XP SP3 Final
    Platform: Windows Vista
    Date: 24.02.2009
    Fully Unattended: Yes
    Category: Operating System
    Digitally Signed for Security: Yes
    No of CD's: 1 (Normal 700MB CD)
    Format: ISO Image File

    System features
    * Windows XP version 5.1 (build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.080814-1300:service pack 3)
    * Fully activated 'no activation is needed'
    * Microsoft Windows Genuine
    * All Microsoft Windows Official Updates until March 2009
    * Ability to setup from Hard Disk
    * Built-in Serial number
    * vortex Windows tools version 3.0

    # The design of this version is inspired of "Vista red" operating system but with a new & different beautiful & attractive vision.
    # The new issued version is more secure, easier & flexible also you can simply specify all choices and settings such as merging or deleting auto setup programs before or meanwhile setting up, including language & user information settings.
    # The most remarkable thing in this version is security & protection with the security tools updates.
    # This third compact issue from vortex tools achieved a great progress and offers multi active functions not only a group of tools but also a protection &safe shield.
    # To make this version faster &more secure was a difficult matter we could achieve it in this issue; it's also fits old systems and works with a high efficiency on new ones.
    # If you are interested in Secure, beauty, speed in additional to specification facilities and auto run, you can find this in one solution which is Vortex third generation which offers all these requirements in one simple step.

    Integrated software
    * Windows media player 11 with all updates
    * Internet explorer 7 with all updates
    * DirectX 9.c (4.09.00000.904) for WinXP Post-SP3 November Update
    * Microsoft Silverlight v2.0.31005
    * flash player
    * Windows Side bar

    built-in software
    * Windows live messenger (2009)-(14.0.8050.12012)
    * yahoo messenger
    * real alternative 1.90
    * Divx,K-Lite Codec Pack Standard 4.5.3
    * winrar 3.8 final
    * winamp 5.541
    * Ultreiso 9.3.1

    * msn explorer
    * tour xp
    * Sample Music
    * IIS

    main add-ons
    * foxit reader "pdf reader"
    * tera copy
    * ISO Recorder

    * setup screen
    * boot screen
    * login screen
    * wallpapers
    * themes
    * user pictures
    * screen savers
    * icons
    * cursor
    * dialog box
    * animation
    * sounds
    * run, system properties,others

    vortex tools v3.0
    * autorun protection
    * autorun remover
    * smitfraudfix- spyware fix
    * internet cookies cleaner
    * advanced systemcare 3
    * ccleaner
    * everest ultimate
    * revo uninstaller
    * shutdown timer
    * autoruns
    * procexp
    * diskcleaner
    * driverupdate
    * registrydefrag
    * smartram
    * contextmanager
    * hd tune
    * hw monitor
    * mem test
    * tweak ui
    * win update list
    * windrvexpert
    * ftp wanderer
    * mp3 cut
    * pandora recovery
    * powermenu
    * dexpot
    * sound rec
    * traktor
    * xnview
    * notepad2
    * search and replace
    * siteshoter
    * win me startup disk
    * diskexplorer
    * vista drivers
    * vista start
    * top desk 3d
    * true transparency
    * trans bar
    * visual task tips
    * W!nd@w$ side bar
    * styler toolbar
    * l clock
    * viorb

    extra control panel features:
    * BootSafe v2.0.1000
    * Bootvis v1.3.37.0
    * ClearType PowerToy
    * CPU-Z v1.50
    * Dial-a-Fix v0.60.0.24
    * Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02
    * GPU-Z v0.3.1
    * HD Tune v2.55
    * HWmonitor v1.13
    * MemTest v3.8
    * Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard
    * Microsoft TimeZone <-- Requires .NET Framework
    * Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.1
    * MSI CleanUp Utility 4.4
    * New MSConfig
    * Regedit
    * Startup v2.8 CPL
    * Services and Devices v2.7
    * Smart Driver Backup v2.12
    * TweakUI PowerToy v2.1
    * Windows Task Manager
    * WinUpdatesList v1.23
    * User Accounts 2 CPL

    Activation Needed: No
    Size: 702 MB
    MD-5: 7B4F40BD5922EAD246A13F964AA83EC0

    MegaUpload :
    LetitBit :
    ALL Links Interchangeable

    pass :
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