Windows XP SP3 Final lite 2008 v3.0

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    Windows XP SP3 Final lite 2008 v3.0 is built from XP SP3 Final MSDN
    HDD need 600mb

    Windows XP SP3 Final lite 2008 v3.0 | ISO | 177 MB
    Very fast Window XP

    reduce :
    Character Map* MSN Explorer* Internet Games* Old Driver* Tablet PC* Windows Messenger* Security Center* Help and Support* IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

    added :
    newest hotfix from Microsoft *IE7* WMP11 *Driver HD UAA Bus
    fix registry + add TweakUI
    9 minutes install
    Actived * Fast Run

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    Thanks for sharing but how do you install this, I have burned the image to a CD?
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    Thanks for sharing !!!
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    Nice one!!
    just what i needed.
    for the ones who need a serial for using this iso for a virtual machine here:

    Great Work!
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    thank you
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    thank you
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    Dosent seem to have a setup exe program....?????:noidea::noidea::noidea:
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    Thanks For Sharing
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    Thanks for sharing

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