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    Women in Love 2011


    Year: 2011
    Genre: DRAMA Erotic
    Quality: DVDREMUX

    Director:Miranda Bowen

    Starring: Saskia Reeves, Rachael Stirling, Rosamund Pike

    "It certainly ticks all the boxes about what you're looking for as an actress. There was no day when I woke up and my heart sank and I thought, 'oh God I've got to film that awful dialogue and that awful scene today'. It was all delicious to do" – even the inevitable nudity and sex scenes, the latter shot with an honesty that will go over the heads of those, as Stirling puts it, "watching it waiting for tits and arse."

    The 33-year-old actress made her name with material like this nearly a decade ago, in the 2002 lesbian costume drama Tipping the Velvet. "I felt that Tipping the Velvet was an important story to tell, and if that meant swinging from chandeliers in the buff, so be it," she says. " I think the same with this. I know a juicy part and nudity won't put me off... not yet. Maybe one day. Anyway I don't look like a childlike creature when I'm naked – I look like a woman and I think it's important to put that on telly."

    Rosamund Pike is altogether more reticent about taking her clothes off for the camera. "I don't particularly find it liberating," she says. "I'm not really an exhibitionist at heart. I have no desire to give everybody everything, I really don't. Anyway, Gudrun is a great part and I knew that Miranda [Bowen, the director] wouldn't screw us over – I had great trust in her, she's a very cool girl."


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