NitroFlare WPS Office 10 Personal Edition.

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    WPS Office 10 Personal Edition | 66,70 Mb

    WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office Suite) - new version of the office Suite, created by Chinese software developers Kingsoft Software, as an alternative to Microsoft Office. The product has a long history of development in China, where it is still sold under the name WPS Office. "Kingsoft Office" is a company that tries to get in the first place, on the Western and Japanese market.

    Features our feature-rich mobile office solution
    Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
    Support Doc, xls, PPT, txt and etc.
    Easily switch between open documents using the priority tabs
    Quickly share documents by e-mail
    Keep your work safe with auto-save
    Keep your documents protected with document encryption
    Not a large amount of programs
    Additional language packs, spell check is available
    Support *.docx, *.and xlsx;
    Export to PDF-file;
    Coding before saving;
    Prepare to print several new instruments;
    Support OLE automation

    The writer , a tool for creating professional documents. He can open the Microsoft Word files or save your documents in Word in files. It allows you to open, view and edit documents in different file formats, as well as recent files Word (. Docx not accepted).
    Familiar style, layout, and functionality such as Microsoft office, which means you can easily transfer the management of the environment between Microsoft writer and touch writer. Moreover, WPS office 2014 provides powerful features such as built-in pdf conversion, switching instruments tab, selection of different print, cross-references and an integrated toolbar Google search, which are not available with Microsoft office.

    The presentation helps you to quickly create multimedia presentations, using creativity to meet clients ' needs. It can open, edit and save as *. PPT, PPS *, * files (template) and support *. In Pptx file (Microsoft office 2007). It is fully functionally compatible,allowing you to save presentations saved as PowerPoint and also in pdf-format effortlessly. Kingsoft Presentation offers a unique function in an environment with dual screen.

    You can open edit and save *. Xls, *. hee (templates)*. DBF, *. txt, *. In CSV format, and compatible with *. Or xlsx file (Microsoft office 2007). This gives you more efficiency and flexibility to achieve your goals. It contains a lot of functions and array formulas which helps you manage, analyze and calculate data easier and faster. It provides eight types of encryption RC4, which are very difficult to decipher. Thus, you can protect your document from copying, modifying.

    Changes to our feature-rich mobile office solution 10 free
    Added the thesaurus supports English, French, German, Spanish and Russian
    Added support to insert and seal envelopes
    Added support for Polish language
    Fixed bug for some Windows systems 10, office WPS from the shortcut in the start menu after installation
    Error multilingual version of the spreadsheet, which can now recognize or load the macro functions (e.g., yield)



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