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    XPages Extension Library
    Publisher: IBM | 2012 | EPUB + PDF | ISBN: 0132901811 | 576 pages | 61.9 + 23.2 Mb

    The XPages Extension Librarys next-generation XPages controls make application development far more efficient, effective, scalable, and rewarding. With IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 and Upgrade Pack 1, IBM has incorporated powerful new capabilities and support. These components and technologies are now fully ready for even the toughest production challenges.

    XPages Extension Library is the first and only complete guide to Domino development with this library; its the best manifestation yet of the underlying XPages Extensibility Framework. Complementing the popular Mastering XPages, it gives XPages developers complete information for taking full advantage of the new components from IBM.

    Combining reference material and practical use cases, the authors offer step-by- step guidance for installing and configuring the XPages Extension Library and using its state-of-the-art applications infrastructure to quickly create rich web applications with outstanding user experiences. Next, the authors provide detailed step-by-step guidance for leveraging the librarys powerful new support for REST services, mobile and social development, and relational data. The book concludes by showing how to include Java code in Domino XPages applicationsa great way to make them even more powerful.

    Coverage includes:

    Automating deployment of XPages Extension Library throughout your IBM Lotus Notes/Domino or IBM XWork environment
    Integrating modern design patterns and best practices into Lotus Domino applications with drag-and-drop ease
    Incorporating AJAX capabilities with Switch, In Place Form, and other dynamic content controls
    Extending applications with Dojo widgets, popups, Tooltips, Dialogs, and Pickers
    Implementing state-of-the-art navigation and outlines
    Using Layout and Dynamic Views controls to painlessly modernize most Domino applications to XPages
    Quickly building mobile interfaces for existing applications
    Using social enablers to connect with social platforms and incorporate social features
    Integrating SQL datasources into XPages data-driven applications

    Table of Contents
    Part I:The Extension Library, Installation, Deployment, and an Application Tour
    Chapter 1. The Next Generation of XPages Controls
    Chapter 2. Installation and Deployment of the XPages Extension Library
    Chapter 3. TeamRoom Template Tour

    Part II:The Basics: The Applications Infrastructure
    Chapter 4. Forms, Dynamic Content, and More!
    Chapter 5. Dojo Made Easy
    Chapter 6. Pop-Ups: Tooltips, Dialogs, and Pickers
    Chapter 7. Views
    Chapter 8. Outlines and Navigation
    Chapter 9. The Applications Layout

    Part III:Bells and Whistles: Mobiles, REST, RDBMS, and Social
    Chapter 10. XPages Goes Mobile
    Chapter 11. REST Services
    Chapter 12. XPages Gets Relational
    Chapter 13. Get Social

    Part IV: Getting Under the Covers with Java
    Chapter 14. Java Development in XPages


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