Yakuza Graveyard (1976)

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    Director: Kinji Fukasaku

    Tetsuya Watari... Kuroiwa
    Meiko Kaji... Keiko

    rest of cast listed alphabetically:

    Seizo Fukumoto
    Takuzo Kawatani
    Hideo Murota
    Nagisa Oshima
    Tatsuo Umemiya

    Following Cops Vs. Thugs by a year, Kinji Fukasaku’s Yakuza Graveyard is even more violent and colorful, featuring several scenes that Quentin Tarantino obviously borrowed from for Kill Bill. With a similar nearly-humorous soap opera-like plot, Tarantino also adopted filmic storytelling devices used in this film, namely the freeze-frames on characters during plot summaries, and the switch to black-and-white during scenes that occurred in the past. Opening with a scene in which Nishida gang members beat up casino guests, shoot a man in a baseball stadium, then get severely abused by cops, Yakuza Graveyard continues at a ferocious pace, as the Nishida and Yamashiro families fight to take over the city. Police are inept, minus Kido Kuroiwa (Tetsuya Watari), a Dirty Harry-like detective who falls in love with Nishida member, Mrs. Keiko (Meijo Kaji). Kuroiwa swears brotherhood with Nishida Boss Iwata (Seizo Fukumoto), allowing him to be with Keiko, but ruining his career as a cop.

    As Kuroiwa’s rough bravado blurs the line between the lawmakers and the lawbreakers, the cops and the yakuza start to look equally corrupt. With his trademark use of the handheld camera during battle scenes, Fukasaku’s shots in Yakuza Graveyard are woozier, often capturing sex and violence completely sideways on the screen. Every character seems to be carrying a bottle of whisky, giving the film itself a drunk and disorderly quality.

    Highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates intelligent and uncompromised crime dramas, Japanese or otherwise.

    File size: 701Mb | Dimensions: 608 x 272
    Video: 902kbps XviD | Audio: 111 kb/s mp3
    Language: Japanese (English .srt subs included)


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