NitroFlare Yoga For Inflexible People Video Training (DVDRips)

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    Yoga For Inflexible People Video Training (DVDRips)
    DVDRips | AVI/XviD, ~257 kb/s | 704x528 | Duration: 03:04:54 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 500 MB
    Genre: Yoga, Health​

    Yoga For Inflexible People is for anyone who considers themselves inflexible. The yoga postures developed 5,000 years ago were not created for people who are already flexible, but rather to help inflexible people become more flexible. A wide range of poses are taught and modified to help both beginning and intermediate students experience the benefits of yoga. The modifications includes suggestions for the use of props, which can be either actual yoga props or items you have around the home, such as a belt or books, to assist you when you feel you need additional assistance. Of course if you do not need props, you do not have to use any.

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