Yossi & Jagger (2002)

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    On a cold desolate hillside, during a lull in a long winter war, Jewish soldiers in far off Israel, brace themselves against
    the wind, the dark night and frigid temperatures, in anticipation of an ambush. The air is frosted with both fears and idyllic
    dreams of a comfortable civilian life. In this tiny corner in a war torn country, two soldiers await destiny amid their
    shivering companions. The first is Lior Amichai, affectionately called "Jagger" for his love of the noted singer. The other is his
    companion and secret lover Yossi who despite command responsibilities, yearns for a time when he and Jagger can openly express their love. Arrayed against this union are the tragedies of life. There is Aya who also loves Jagger and in turn is sought after by others in the tiny force. The squad like most common soldiers, long to return home and dream of peace.
    It is rare that a film elevates gay love to such a poignant level, but this story does just that. It captures the true sentiments
    of both characters and tugs at the heart of any who have ever been in love amid the turmoil of conflict. When the war torn
    drama yields it's tragic outcome, it is touching, sympathetic and memorable.

    Subtitles: English, Spanish
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