Your Baby Can Read (Complete Set - DVDRip)

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    Your Baby Can Read - COMPLETE SET


    DVDRip | AVI | 720 x 480 @ 1500kbps | Stereo 192 Kbps
    English | 35-74 mins per DVD | Total size: 3.25GB


    The Your Baby Can Read revolutionary early learning program encourages infants and toddlers to learn the written word and spoken word simultaneously. Your child will learn with interactive text, pictures, songs, and games naturally and easily, along with smiles, laughter and fun.

    DVD titles:
    1. The Starter
    2. Vol 1
    3. Vol 2
    4. Vol 3
    5. Review

    BONUS: Early Learning Workshop DVDrip!
    Many people have traveled great distances to hear Dr. Bob speak about how they can stimulate language development in their babies. Learn more about how your baby's brain develops and why the "natural window" for learning language starts to close at age five. Discover how this remarkable program will have positive and permanent effects in your child's life! The DVD also features an interview with his daughter Aleka, and tips and techniques on how to stimulate your child's thinking and creative abilities.


    [DOWN] ----Ebook & Tutorial Request Post----
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    thanks so much dawnz ive been lookin for this for a min
    my son gonna enjoy
    thx for all:heyo::heyo::heyo:
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    Thanks for Sharing!!
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    OMG!!! Super great post Dawnz... Super!!! Now to try and find the 50 Word Game Cards, and the 82 Double Sided Word Cards... I found and index card template on now to try and find these words and make my own cards... Wow. Great.:heyo:
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    cool,thank you
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    Great Post
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    Thank you VERY VERY much. My daughter will love this.
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    Great!I bought these, but my daughter destroyed them! Now I get them back!!:grin:
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    Thank you VERY VERY much.
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    thanks uploader...yeah!!!
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    ý can not download why?
    Help help help
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    ý can not download why?
    Help help help
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    GREAT POST....

    Thank You very MUCH
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    this is an awesome post :give_rose:
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    Thank you
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    good thank you marvellous posting sharing
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    Any Megaupload links would greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks for sharing i hope my niece likes it.

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