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    Zapier Automation Hacks

    Zapier Automation Hacks
    Below is a List of Automation Hacks that Dr Ben uses
    to help make his email marketing easier. Watch all of the videos
    in full. These tips range from beginner to advanced but all of
    them are powerful.
    Better Internal Automation
    In the video above Dr Ben shows you how to do train an autoresponder to do things internally that the designers may not have intended. Do Not Use For Evil.

    Crossing Autoresponders

    In the video above Dr Ben shows you how to do dual signups for autoresponders using zapier. Do Not Use This For Evil.
    Webinars and Email List

    In the video above Dr Ben shows you how to do do dual signups between Gotowebinar and your autoresponder. (great to handle the job alone or as a backup to another service who says they do it already. I never trust these services to actually do the signup and always backup with a zapier trigger)
    Advanced Zapier Workflow

    Want to automate parts of your business as well as the email
    marketing process. This advanced tutorial shows you how to string
    multiple zaps together to get the email signup and coordinate with
    your staff.


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