NitroFlare Zaxwerks 3D Bundle for After Effects (Mac OS X)

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    Zaxwerks 3D Plugins Bundle for After Effects (07.2015) | 325 MB
    Real-time 3D software designed for fast turn-arounds and tight budgets. Very powerful yet easy to learn.

    3D ProAnimator is a revolutionary new 3D plug-in for After Effects as well as a Stand Alone Application.
    3D ProAnimator Standalone is an amazing new way to create 3D motion graphics. It is typically used by video editors or people who need g..
    3D Invigorator PRO is the world standard for creating keyframe style title and logo animations directly inside of Adobe After Effects.
    This is the program that brings big-time 3D titles and logos to your After Effects work. The 3D Invigorator gives your layers depth and can create bea..
    The Zaxwerks 3D Flag plug-in turns any picture, comp or movie into a realistic flag that responds to wind, gravity and the movement of the pole.Se..
    Zaxwerks Layer Tools is an exciting set of plug-ins that enables the motion graphics artist to do things to 3D layers that are usually very difficult ..
    Create 3D paths in After Effects and let Zaxwerks 3D Serpentine bring the paths to life!3D Serpentine brings big-time 3D effects to Motion ..
    The 3D Warps package contains two powerful plug-ins: 3D Layer Warp and 3D Grid Warp.3D Layer Warp lets you take existing AE..

    - 3D Flag 3.0.2 [K?ed]
    - 3D Invigorator PRO 8.5.2 [K?ed]
    - 3D Invigorator PS 6.1.1 [K?ed]
    - 3D Layer Tools 2.0.0 [K?ed]
    - 3D Serpentine 2.0.2 [K?ed]
    - 3D Warps 2.0.1 [K?ed]
    - ProAnimator AE 8.0.2 [K?ed]
    - ProAnimator App 8.0.2 [K?ed]
    - ProModeler 6.1.1 [K?ed]
    - The Werks 2.0.0 [K?ed]

    Intel Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.
    Adobe CS 6 or later.
    A video card that supports floating point calculations.

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