NitroFlare Zaxwerks 3D Flag.4.0 for After Effects (Win64)

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    Zaxwerks 3D Flag 4.0 for After Effects (Win64) | 44.4 MB

    Zaxwerks 3D flag plugin for after effects, which turns any image, song, or video into a realistic flag that responds the wind, gravity and the movement of the pole. This simple to use the plugin will add a very professional look to your videos and graphics. In one click adds the flag on the flagpole, the wind is already blowing so you get the animation in the beginning. The second click allows you to add color to flag. You can control the movement of the flag on the flagpole, air flow to create gusts, breezes and storms!

    Key features:
    * To use different images on front and back
    * Animation looped (seamless)
    * Creating curtains, tablecloths or curtains
    * Management of wind speed, direction and gravity
    * Realistic 3D flag poles that look like wood, steel, etc.
    * Wide range of tips of the flagpole

    Whats new in the 4th version of 3D Flag:
    * 25 Times Faster Rendering with Reactor Rendering Engine
    * Realistic Shadows
    * Ambient Occlusion
    * Image-Based Lighting
    * Rotating Reflection Maps
    * New Dark Interface
    * Interaction Improvements
    * After Effects CC 2015 Compatibility



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