Zenhiser Transformer FX By ZenFX WAV

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    Zenhiser Transformer FX By ZenFX WAV | 467MB

    ZenFXis a totally new monster dedicated to extremely high end sound fxmastered to perfection and ready to be used in a multitude of areasincluding TV / Film / Games / Cinematic Compositions and of course MusicProduction.

    Each sample pack in the ZenFX collection has beencrafted to offer a new area of sound design and audio quality thatsimply blows your mind.

    And with that in mind we would like to introduce our flagship pack Transformer FX.

    Bringing the world of high end fx to Zenhiser, we welcome Transformer FX.

    Anabsolutely stunning collection of fx sounds that represent the roboticsound and atmosphere of the movies series Transformers.

    Designedfrom the ground up using the latest technologies these transformer fxwill absolutely blow your mind and deliver a library of fx sounds yousimply dont have.

    All crafted and recorded in 24 bit 96 khz wavfiles these fx samples are the pinnacle of sound design giving hi endfrequencies within the fx sounds the room to breath and shine.

    Weve once again pushed the audio boundaries with this collection of 446 royalty free fx samples and loops.

    Thesetransformers fx are the futuristic design of samples and perfect foryour music productions, tv & film scores or cinematic masterpieces.

    Thissample pack is the perfect way to kick start ZenFX and showcase justhow good these new fx samples from Zenhiser really are.

    With anunderstanding of what you need we have created a broad range oftransformer fx sounds, each allocated to its own folder so finding thesamples is a breeze.

    We even decided to add a few extra folderswhich perfectly suits the robotic fx sound including Alerts, Beeps &Glitches, Cinematic Impacts, Electric Charges, Spacecraft Fly Bys,Walkers and more.

    Transformer FX includes all youll need for theultimate sci fi fantasy in your productions and is perfect for roboticmovements, massive impacts & hits, power ups, power downs, reversefx, enemy growls, weapons and a lot more.

    Hey we even included some robotic drums in the pack to make the whole package a little more tasty.

    Witha great attention to detail we have supplied fx sounds that even blewus away as we made them, they can used on their own, layered up like ourpreview or sparsely used for ultimate impact, the world is your oysterwith this fx sample pack.

    • Alerts Beeps & Glitches Bonus
    • Cinematic Impacts Communicat
    • ion Electric Charges
    • Enemy Hits & Impacts Machines Movements
    • Power Ups Power Downs
    • Reverses Robot Drums
    • Spacecraft
    • Fly By's Spacecraft
    • Various Walker Weapons


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