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    In this graphically violent exploitation film a mad scientist played by John Saxon (ENTER THE DRAGON, FROM DUST TILL DAWN) orchestrates a Frankenstinian experiment that inevitably goes awry in this 1987 B-movie prison flick. Putting prison inmates to use against their will, he administers a drug that turns them all into zombies with a taste for human flesh; they go on a rampage of cannibalistic destruction, menacing the lovely Tane McClure (LEGALLY BLONDE) and the crowd of kids that accompany her. Veteran TV actor Dennis Cole (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) must come to her aid in staving off the hungry horde, lead by Anthony Franciosa (Dario Argento's TENEBRE). Other cameos include Ron O'Neal (SUPERFLY) and Michael Pataki (GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE). John Saxon also directs alongside Nick Marino (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS).

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