Zoo zéro (1979) Klaus Kinski

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    Rating: 5.8/10
    Runtime: 96
    Language: French (English softsubs)
    Country: France
    Color: color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Alain Fleischer
    Catherine Jourdan
    Klaus Kinski
    Pierre Clémenti
    Lisette Malidor
    Alida Valli
    Anthony Steffen

    Description: Eva is a singer in a Noah´s Ark themed nightclub, where the guests wear animal masks. She sings about a doomed love affair between a lion tamer and a lion. She is approached by a stranger who claims to know her and to remember her singing Mozart which she denies. Driven around in her midget manager´s limousine she encounters bizarre characters who turn out to belong to her incestuous family of ogres (what the ...?). All culminates in a bizarre finale in a zoo featuring Klaus Kinski and arias from "The Magic Flute". Stylish, surrealistic and weird, but you will scratch your head and ask yourself what it´s all about (and why you should bother).

    Download Links:
    Rar Password: none
    DVDrip, XVID, 667 MB, 512 x 304, Video 118 KBit/s, Audio 128 KBit/s

    Credit for the subtitles to ottorivers (with some minor corrections and additions by me).

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