Zuma (1985)

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    Runtime: 120
    Language: Philipino language without subtitles
    Country: Philippines
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0346179/

    Director: Ramje
    Max Laurel ... Zuma
    Snooky Serna ... Galema
    Mark Gil ... Philip
    Dang Cecilio ... Isabel
    Rey 'PJ' Abellana ... Morgan

    Description: Zuma is a comic book based movie from the Philippines. An archeological dig frees a hell serpent called Zuma from his pyramid like tomb. Zuma is a bald-headed green giant with a massive two-headed snake permanently wrapped around his neck. Zuma hides in the sewers under Manila. He acquires a female slave who brings him fresh victims. This leads to lots of gory scenes with heads being pulled off, hearts being ripped out and Zuma's neck snakes boring holes through bodies. Eventually the gruesome green giant is captured and imprisoned under a rockfall.
    Meanwhile his assistant has given birth to a baby Zuma, this time a female with two hissing snakes attached around her neck.

    Written by Jim Fernandez, the original Zuma series ran for more than two years in Aliwan comics. Serialized in twice-weekly parts the saga featured innumerable twists and turns. The films simplify the story, but still last for nearly two hours each, something of an epic length for Filipino horror yarns. Both films follow more or less the same pattern with Zuma being captured, escaping and then hunted down for a final climactic battle.

    (Quoted from the Mondo Macabro book by Pete Tombs).

    Download Links:
    Rar Password: Torgo
    The image quality is below average, due to the quality on the original VCD, but watchable.

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